One evening last week I did some check measurements on the roof panel and the fixing holes on the top of the side panel. I was slightly alarmed as I had an error of 30mm. This would mean the rear door would almost fall through between the seals.

I loosened the 6 bolts that secure the side panels and was able to mitigate the 30mm gap by moving the top edges towards the centre of the vehicle. Not now I had a gap at the bottom (between the rear tub and the side panels) that I could get a finger through.

I had replaced both of the rear end panels on the rear tub last spring and I was now seriously worried that I hadn’t aligned them properly. An adage from my previous life, “measure twice cut once” has helped me not make drastic mistakes but now I’m wondering if I should have measure thrice…..

If the rear end panels (on which the side panels sit at the rear) weren’t square to the rear tub, the error would be amplified the higher up the vehicle you go.

I did some measurements across the rear door opening in the tub and I had an error of 2mm. (that’s fine). Performing the same measurements between the two side panels, confirmed my 30mm error at the top but 0mm at the bottom. This proved the new rear end panels were pretty much where they should be… but what was going on further up?

The only thing to do was to fit the roof. It’s so rigid, it can’t be manipulated too much into place so this would be a good tell tale of where the error is.

As mentioned before, the vehicle won’t fit through the garage door with the roof on, so this is a temporary fit to prove the whole thing fits correctly (or otherwise). This way, I can get everything lined up correctly and fit the remainder of the door seals, locks and keeps in the relative luxury of a heated garage.

The hardest part was getting the roof panel into the garage


Walking it on slowly. My helper is a bit camera shy but makes excellent tea


Getting close now


Ta Da…. and it’s on


Looking more like a Land Rover. Only thing left to do is…


… 28 nuts, bolts, flat and spring washers to bolt the roof down


With the roof bolted to the side panels (finger tight) you can see the gap at the bottom


Similarly on the other side, (before the fixings were installed) a significant gap is present over the full length of the side panel


Thankfully, with the corner base fixing tightened down fully the gap at the bottom closed up (on both sides)


There are 3 stand alone door seal frames to be fitted. This one is for the rear door and is the original Land Rover item. Yay 🙂


It fixes to the underside of the door aperture in the roof


Similarly, there are 2 more galvanised seal holders above the driver and passenger doors.


It’s going to leak anyway, but lets try and reduce the ingress


Seal holder in place


Same arrangement on the drivers side. Next job will be to fit the seals but that’s for another day


So there you have it. After a long time of grumbling about fitting the roof…. It’s fitted… Temporarily 😉