Back in January this year, I fitted the roof in the garage, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to drive it out. It proved useful in ensuring everything lined up and the rear door did indeed fit… all this could be done of the comfort of the heated garage and not in the freezing cold.

Today though… the roof was installed on the drive, in glorious spring sunshine, everything still lines up… and the rear door fits a bit better than it did.

Roof Fitment

Last shot in the garage before I fit a new garage door


My neighbour insisted on taking my picture…


Ready to take a run up at the rest of the Land Rover


Easily lifted into place. My wife is particularly pleased she won’t have to lift the roof again.


The original roof fixings are reused


Roof bolted down and everything lines up square.


Then the top door seals are re fitted. These bolt to the roof and were removed when the roof came off a few weeks ago.


Rear Door

Not much to say here…. the rear door was refitted and thanks to the bending exercise last week, fits better against the seals. To be honest, it could do with another session under the jack but that will have to wait for a while.



Seat Belts and Trim

The retro fitted seat belt retainers need to be bolted through the steel channel of the roof. This provides much of the mechanical restraint. Once the retainers are in place, the trim panels can be clipped into place.

2 x 8mm holes to be drilled through the top of the side panel and galvanised steel roof channel


Once the holes are drilled, the restraint angle is secured properly
Now the rest of the refurbished trim panels can be fitted
The two side panels, framing the window clipped back in, along with the top seat belt pulley.


Head section clipped and screwed into place.

There is still an entire roof trim to be fitted but thats yet to be ordered… mainly down to the eye watering cost but it’s clear LGL can’t cant stay dressed only in Dynamat. Once fitted, the interior should look pretty good I think.

LGL… Back in one piece…

Work started on the project on 7th November 2015 and aside from a few outstanding snagging items, we can say it was all back together again on 7th April 2018…

Exactly 2 years, 5 months.


But the storey isn’t over yet….

UPDATE 8th April 2018…

By comparison, this is where things stood on the same weekend in 2017…