Seatbelts (front or rear) are not a legal requirement on a vehicle of this age in Switzerland but I consider them to be a little more than a good idea.

The later Defender models have fold out forward facing seats in the load space, with 3 point seat belts. I have seen these fitted into Series Land Rovers but they look hideous and even when folded up, take up a huge amount of space… and you can only fit 2!

LGL has 4 inward facing seats, far more practical in terms of load management. It’s not possible to have 3 point seat belts on an inward facing seat… lap belts are the way forwards.

Exmoor Trim produce a set of quality retro fit lap belts for Land Rovers… so we’ll go for those. They’re also straightforward to fit.

Set of 4 ready to fitment


1 seat belt set and fitting kit


Fixing arrangement. Bolt, crush washer, seat belt hasp, spacer, spreader plate, nut.


First thing to do is mark out, punch and pilot the fixing holes


3mm dia. pilot holes drilled


The larger 12mm dia. holes to take the fixing bolts were drilled from beneath. I had to use a drill with a larger chuck to take the 12mm bit… and this was too large to fit around the seats.


Then the bolts and associated ironmongery were passed through the seat box. Here we see the spreader plate on the underside of the wheel arch. Yeah, I should really align things a bit better.


View from the inside. 


The forward most fixings (on both sides)  went through part of the top hat section of the seat box. I had to trim down the spread plate for it to fit. I’m not concerned as already having the bolt fix through a thicker portion of the seat box already helps a great deal.
Job done 🙂