I’ve been in and out of the garage doing small bit and bobs the last week, ticking some items of the snagging list and adding some items to the list… scope creep?

Leather Seat Retainer Straps

Each seat back and seat base in the front of the vehicle has a leather strap secured to a small stud on the seat box / rear bulkhead. They prevent the (unoccupied) seat base bouncing off on the rough stuff and secures the seat back in the event of sudden deceleration…. whatever that feels like in a Series Land Rover

I decided to reuse the original leather straps and harvested them off the old seats. With the middle seat replaced by the cubby box, I was able to choose the best of the 3.

Original seat straps, looking a bit sorry for themselves.


I used some Brooks Saddle Proofide on the straps to soften and “feed” the leather. As it says on the tin, its a mixture of oils and wax and helps break in new Brooks bike saddles (of which I have a few) and keeps them looking good… Should work with old leather straps too.


Which it does. I left them on the radiator for a few hours and re coated them… then…


To take the bends out of them, I pressed them in the vice… not too tight and left them over night


Then it was onto fixing them to the seats.


Drivers side seat base. (Passenger side looks much the same)


Seat back strap fixed by means of a small captive nut


… and secured in place.


Jack Handle

As part of the jack refurbishment, I’d also stripped, primed and painted the handle. This conveniently sits in a couple of clips behind the front seats along with the starting handle

Jack handle (left). Start handle (right)


Sorting out nuts and bolts

Technically not really something thats going to get LGL finished but the collection of nuts, bolts washers, springs and things was starting to overflow. I’ve been setting aside empty jars of Branston Pickle for as along as I can remember so decide to sort everything out into component parts.

These are all take off parts from the rebuild


Sorted into separate jars…


… and screwed to the underside of the shelf. What I really need is a small parts cleaner or one of those vibrating parts polishers to clean them up properly.

Hopefully the new thermostat housing and rear seat belts arrive next week….

…and if you’ve never had a cheddar cheese and ham sandwich with Branston Pickle, you’re missing out on a culinary delight 🙂