I had the day off on Friday and had agreed to make a trip down to Interlaken to meet up with a follow Land Rover owner. He is the proud owner of a very original Series 1 and a Series 2a 109 Doormobile.

Avoiding the motorways once again, the trip was very pleasant on quiet roads. Even driving through the madness of central Lucern was OK.

The 2.25 petrol engine is all but “run in” and has so much pull for a design dating back to the 1930s. It is very happy at 80 kph with the overdrive in and thrums along merrily. I know full well, a lot of the performance can be attributed the fantastic work Turner Engineering did on the rebuild. Its quiet, doesn’t smoke and at the moment returning about 30 mpg (7.84 / 100 km).

Jeremy and I took a drive from his house up a remarkable steep hill to the village of Beatenberg to take some photos. We couldn’t decide its he would take his Series 1 or the Doormobile so in the end (and with failing light) we went in LGL.

If you like to see Land Rovers and some scenery, read on…

Lake Luzern near Alpnachstadt. Not a day for sailing.


On the way up to Beatenberg


Beatenberg. We took the time get the tools out and adjust the throttle linkage.


Small tollroad


After thanks Jeremy and his wife for their hospital for the afternoon, I headed back along the north side of Brienzersee in the dark and hammering rain to the camp site Innertkirchen. Technically they had shut for the season but made an exception for me.

Series 2 wipers are just magnificent and with the addition of the sun shield the screen is kept clear. The small smiths heater keeps the cab warm and cosy (although the motor is quite noisy).


Saturday morning…. and by more luck than judgement, the tent matches the Land Rover. 


The camp site is at the end of the Aareschlucht. You can walk from one end to the other on a walkway. This can just be seen fixed to the cliff edge on the left bank.


We then headed home….


Avus Auto in Kägiswil always have a great selection of vehicles. LGL and a Series 3 88 hard top


Italian Santana Series 3 recovery truck. including a crane on the back driven from the central PTO… Those are very rare.


Restored Series 3 109 soft top. Judging by the rear cross member, its ex-military. 


Unimog 1300L with camper conversion. Ideal for that road trip to China…