Sunday (04.11.18)  was the Land Rover Defender meet at the Ace Cafe Luzern. Do I take the Defender or LGL… Not a tough question. I was sure there would be some older variants there… which  there were.

Not many words in this post… just content…

Waiting to find a parking space. The grey Defender in front is not what is seems. It’s actually a trailer. Just one axle towed by a 110. (out of shot) I’ve actually seen this round and about near home.


Straight 6 Series 3 109. Smart display piece.


2.25 ltr Series 2 109” from Graubunden. The register plate on the side of the vehicle said the coachwork was done in Berlin. It looks like it was a fire tender (of some description) that’s been repurposed to sell hot foods.


From the same vehicle above… The T piece on the bulkhead is actually holding the reverse light switch. I’ve never seen it done like this. There is actually a special bracket and switch available that fixes to the gear select shafts (below the rubber boot on the gearbox tunnel)… but hey, if it works 🙂


Something a bit special… Another ex fire service 109” Series 2. Straight 6 engine. This has featured in one or more of the Land Rover magazines. It’s a well traveled Land Rover which I was please to get a wave from in Luzern earlier in the year whilst travelling in the opposite direction in the Defender. It has a pop top roof, so there’s a lot of sleeping space.


Nice rear end 🙂


The overland 109 is also a member of the Series 2 club 🙂


Given I wasn’t permitted to have parabolic leaf springs and LED lights, I’m curious to know how the conversation with the MFK went for this one. As I understand it any alteration to the original design profile of the vehicle is a no go. Amazed they got a full Safety Devices roll cage through. This was prepared by a firm call Overland Technics and used in the ultra tough Super Karpata.


110 Defender with a pop top conversion. The bed folds down from the underside of the roof. 


LGL and another Series 2. This one had been for sale for a while on line. It has a straight 6 engine from a 109 and power steering.


LGL got a fair amount of attention


What may look like a battered old long wheel based Land Rover is actually a rather rare “Stage 1 V8”. This model had a very short production run towards the end of the Series 3 run and start of the “90” and “110” models.  (1979 – 1985) There’s not many about so it was nice to this one.  Would have loved to hear the 3.5 ltr V8 running.