Quick update as its been a long time…

I’d submitted an article to the Series 2 Club magazine “Built 2 Last” back in the Autumn. The magazine is under the tenure of a new editor and he had requested, via the Series 2 forum, any topics that could feature in future issues. I contacted the editor and he was interested in featuring LGL.

Built 2 Last (B2L) is a quarterly publication and is posted out to members 4 times a year. It’s always a good read when it arrives, covering club information, events, technical pages and vehicle features.

What with work, being away from home, Christmas, coming home, I’d totally forgot about the forthcoming Winter edition of B2L until one day a coupe of weeks ago…

My wife went to check the post box and comes running back into the house shouting, “He’s on the front cover, he’s on the front cover”.

Totally blown away doesn’t cover it. Many thanks to Martin Port for putting LGL on the cherished front cover of the club mag… not to mention the 6 page article.

(if there’s no copyright issues I’ll PDF and post the article but you all know the story)tfibpt9iqxsut5ieviy3oq