I’ve taken a few days of work with a plan to start painting the house. This plan has fallen flat on its face as the weather isn’t playing ball. We had snow down to 700m yesterday, it’s cold, went and windy. So I retreated to the warmth and comfort of the garage.

I still have an acre of Dynamat leftover and I’d been toying with the idea of sound proofing the underside of the bonnet. Lets do that then 🙂

Spare wheel and the 4 rubber feet are removed. I’ve also removed the sun shade for a number of reasons…1. It creates a lot of wind noise and 2. I can’t see the traffic lights easily if I’m at the front of the queue! It also serious effects the “barn door” drag coefficient of the vehicle… cant be having that!


Ready for some sound insulation.


A whole unopened box of Dynamat 🙂


I was able to cover the 3 middle panels with some offcuts. I deliberately left a small gap around the edges of the Dynamat. This will be covered with some Dynamat trim tape… which I don’t have right now.


I can’t remove the bonnet easily on my own, so with a piece of pipe lagging on the drivers wiper blade and a length of rope from the bonnet to the spare wheel on the rear door,  I can hold the bonnet up vertically. It makes things a lot easier. 


I made some cardboard templates for the 2 larger areas. This stuff is incredibly sticky and once it’s on… it’s on.


Bonnet strut reattached


… and then the sun came out… Spare wheel back on. I quite like LGL without the sun shield.