After the bell housing installation comes the clutch release mechanism. Another easy after work job.

After degreasing the mating surface, a bead of Loctite is applied


This gasket is very fragile so it will be offered up carefully


Not sure what the ear is for but it’s carefully fitted over the studs and bearing retainer.


Bead of sealant on the clutch release housing. I’d previously done a dry fit to make sure the folded over split pin on the layshaft wasn’t going to rub on the inside. 


Connecting tube and fixings. This connects the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder to the clutch release mechanism and must be fitted before the gearbox is fitted.


Connector tube and release mechanism fitted and tightened up


48 hours later…

Once the loctite sealant had gone off, I re-filled the main gearbox. I reused the oil I took out a few weeks ago. It had only been in there for about 300km.


As I poured the oil down the funnel, I found another spring in two parts (the middle pair) in the bottom of the oil tray. Just one piece of the puzzle missing now. They look they’ve all failed in the same manner. 


Clutch release mechanism reinstalled. 

With the gearbox on the bench and filled with oil, I can see if anything is leaking between and into the bell housing and do something about it.