Whilst stepping out for a sandwich one lunchtime last week, I clocked a tidy Series 2 pulled up on the pavement at a tram stop in the centre of Zurich. It’s not common for motorists to just pull onto the footway as sooner (rather the later) it’s going to attract the attention of the local constabulary.

Clearly something was not quite right… I wandered over to speak to the drive but he was busy on the phone.

Gearbox must be empty, as there’s no oil dripped on the pavement  😉

On returning from lunch, the Series 2 was still there, now accompanied by the recovery guy. Surely it hadn’t come to that? I went over and asked to see if I could help rather than allow the Land Rover the endure the indignity of being winched onto a flat-bed. It turned out the engine would crank but not fire.

The bonnet was opened the I noticed the fuse wasn’t tight in the holder and quite corroded. (there’s only one fuse in these old things) Bending the contacts together on the fuse holder, saw the engine fire up on the first turn… and it sounded extremely smooth and well looked after.

A very tidy Series 2

The recovery guy gave the fuse and holder a quick clean up with a wire brush and everything was good in the world once again.

Not often I get to fettle wearing a suit: Me, the mechanic and the owner (David)

David has asked some questions about oil specifications etc so he passed on his business card and emailed some info to him. Job done, end of the storey… or so I thought.

David enquired as to my home address via return email and he very kindly sent me a t-shirt from the clothing brand he works for as a thank you !! 🙂

Front: Very precise Land Rover profile. The gear lever tops are in the right place relative to each other. Nice touch.


Rear: Technically there’s no central diff on a Series land rover but who cares, it’s a great t shirt.

So to celebrate, I wore the new t-shirt driving over to a Landy mates house in Interlarken for a bike race the next day. His family commented on the coolness of my new threads.



I was also able to initiate the t-shirt into the world of Land Rovers by having to lie underneath mine on my mates driveway to adjust the throttle linkage.

Same stands true for Series Land Rovers. You may not get a free t-shirt but great to spread some good karma and help people on there way.

Check out Davids company:

DEUS Ex Machina. Zurich.

@deus.zurich (Instagram)