Before returning to work after 2 weeks off hiking  in the Swiss Alps (hence the beard), LGL needed a run. After checking the oil drips in the tray of which there was only one, the Landy was backed out into the torrential rain, roof bars fitted and driven off to Zugersea to collect the kayak.

The art of waving… for the uninitiated, it’s an unwritten rule that if you see another Land Rover, you give them a wave. This extends to almost all Defender / Series vehicles and (round here at least) Discos and (occasionally) Range Rovers… but it’s primarily a utility Land thing…

However… I’ve noticed in Switzerland that other classic car owners also pass up a friendly wave of acknowledgement. The Brits were out in force today in the gloriously British weather (that’s rain for those who don’t know), as in the 10 miles down to the lake, I exchanged a “salute” with an MG BGT, a Triumph Stag, Jaguar E-Type and some sort of Citroen. It’s great these old timers are still out and about even in inclement weather.

Back to the job in hand…

2 very curious ducks at the slipway where the boat resides in the summer


I have a Thule Hull-a-Port kayak carrier which works very well and holds the kayak securely. Given that its a “soft shell” craft, I needed something with a bit of padding to grip better than a vertical post on the middle of the roof bar. It lives permanently on the roof bars and can be folded flat… I assume; to reduce aerodynamic drag when not in use… not something I’m likely to worry about in a Series 2.

I’ve also got a couple of old school Elite San Remo bike mounts up there.

Loaded up, ready to go… and looking cool

As it was Land Rover weather, we went on a trundle around Lake Zug…

Stopping for a photo by the lake in Arth


The detour gave me an excuse to stop off at the cheese vending machine. Not often you get to say that 🙂


Back home in time for a hot cup of tea and some amazing local cheese