Now the engine and gearbox are out, the next step it to remove the axles and springs. For the springs it’s a one way ticket to the recycling centre but for the axles, this is the start of a rebuild. More on that later.

This is where we left off with the engine and gearbox removal
Off we go then. Front chassis spring mount bolt came straight out
… as did its counterpart on the other side
The nut came off easily enough… the bolt didn’t
The spring shackles were a bitch to get off. The bolts were all seized solid.
A brief tickle with the eagle grinder and the front axle and springs off


Below: In my infinite wisdom, I thought the best approach for removing the rear axle was to buzz off the U bolts and remove the axle with the springs in-situ. But… there isn’t enough room between the underside of the chassis rail and the top of the spring to pass the brake drums through. What followed was another demonstration of the versatility of the  farm jack to open up the gap so I could drag the axle free.

Highlight jack to the rescue again
The last time LGL looked like this was on 12.05.66 when the vehicle was built at Lode Lane Solihull
Front and rear axle, read for the next phase