The “Feature Image” is a shot of the gearbox when I first got sight of it with 49 years of accumulated gloop on it. A neighbour left us some cleaning materials when they moved house and a particular kitchen cleaning product from Austria, stripped all the gloop off in about 5 minutes. Its since sat in the corner of the garage looking sorry for itself and is the one thing that hasn’t been cleaned off after all the grinding and spraying of the last 8 months…. so i need to find some more of this wonderful cleaner.

Today all the bearings and gasket arrived from Auto Parts in the UK….They have a sister company who produces / source all the parts and I’m please to say not a blue box in sight.

It’s sensible to plan that as the gearbox is out of the vehicle and going to be stripped, all bearings and seals should be replaced.

Once open, an assessment of the shafts and pinions can be carried out to see what else needs to be replaced.Hopefully I get round to this at the weekend.

In the mean time here’s a picture of all the lovely new bearings and gaskets 🙂

There are two gearboxes on a Series Land Rover (3, if you add an overdrive). The set of hardware top left is for the main gearbox (1,2,3,4,R) and the hardware top right is for the transfer box (high / low range & 4×4). The gasket set contains the necessaries for keeping oil where it should be, incl. all of the selector shaft seals. I do like gearboxes 🙂

Further Reading:

As a member of the Series 2 Club I’m happy to share this link on how gearboxes works… A picture paints a thousands words