Refurbished 5 way connector block. 1 pipe in from the brake master cylinder. 3 pipes out (2 front, 1 rear) and 1 aperture for the brake switch
In order to create neat bends in the pipework, I’ve bought an inexpensive pipe bender 
Pipe from 5 way connector to offside brake cylinder
There it is fitted. The problem with pipes with pre made off ends, you are the mercy of the setting out of the 5 way connector block. I think I have it almost exactly correct as this pipe quite neatly.
Pipe from 5 way connector to nearside brake cylinder. Part number 277922. It turns out this length had been made a little on the short side… about 300mm on the short side…. which is particularly annoying as another set I had ordered had a two lengths too long.


So, I’ve used the pipe length rom the first kit…. which was only just the right length. I have since contacted the supplier of the short pipe for the correct length as I would like them all to be from the same batch. That said, the system will work OK as it stands.
Brake pipe running under the gearbox on the back of the cross member. Its important that the pipe runs behind the cross member here to protect it from any impacts
Pipe from 5 way connector to the rear axle
Much easier to install as its a very simple 90 degree bend at the connector and largely straight run to the rear axle. A few brake pip clips along the way, keeps everything tight to the  chassis to eliminate rubbing
Under the handbrake assembly….
… and onto the braided hose on the rear axle.

There will be an update to this when I fit the”correct” length to the near side front end also the two shorter sections that run along the rear axle.