Quick and dirty post this evening….. On on….

Freshly painted dash panel, clocks, switches, warning light and sockets
Cleaned up Arcoelectric push / pull switch. Even after 50 yrs, this little switch still has a satisfyingly positive “click” when switched
Steel nut set how much of the switch projects through the face of the dash panel. The anodise brass nut, secures the switch on the outside of the panel and domed “handle” is the bit you interact with. You can’t buy quality like this anymore.
Not well-lit…. Switches, socket and warning lights in place. The refurbished clocks are ready to fit
Gauges fitted. I like that I have half a tank of fuel
Speedo installed
Finished product… off to the basement for safe keeping
The business end….. I’m really not looking forward to the wiring. The new loom is ordered so I don’t need to build one … but… hmm… yeah, not looking forwards to wiring.