Its been a few weeks since I worked on the brake lines. I still wait for the replacement pipe for the offside front wheel. It was much too short but the guys a Pegasus Parts took my measurements of the original and have made me one the correct length.

The one I was originally sent would have fitted if I ran it on the forward face of the gearbox cross member but the risk here is (and it is a big risk) it could be easily damaged. Sighting it (as Land Rover intended) on the rear face of the gearbox cross member offers a great deal more protection.

So, with the garage tidied up a bit after the spraying, it was time to fit out the rear axle with new brake lines….. and what a pain in the proverbial one side turned out to be….


We start with the shorter of the two lengths. 3 way junction to the nearside rear wheel.






From end to end and the rear axle pipes are completed…. I’ll have a think about if I replace the nearside one