The rear tub has been tucked away in the bike shed for the last 8 months or so waiting for his chance to shine…. Well, it not so much shining right now, more of a subdued flicker.

It’s had a hard life and needs some work. The floor is beyond practical restoration as are the rear quarter panels. There’s also a layer of “poster paint” than needs to be removed form the side panels.

The replacement panels with be sourced for Bit 4 Landies who make replacement parts as close to original as possible. There will be some deviation from original as the floor and rear quarter panels were originally spot welded together. As I don’t have access to an aluminium spot welder, I’ll have to use countersunk pop rivets. Fortunately a lot of these are largely out of site.


Rear tub with cappings, lights, seats etc removed
Grass needs a trim in a few weeks
Note the poster paint 
Fuel filler side
Fun time ahead
It’s had a hard life. Normally, all of this remains fixed together
Yep, new floor is required… Watch this space