One of the easy ways to identify an Series 2 / 2a is the depth go the door cills. The Series 1 didn’t have any cills and the Series 3 had very “thin” cills (3″ deep)

The Series 2 / 2a have relatively “fat” cills about 5 1/4″ deep…. anyway, enough of the science.

The originals were is pretty ropy condition so replacement parts were sourced. Original Land Rover cills are becoming a rare beast indeed so some Bearmach items will be used on LGL.

They come “finished” in a primer, so, on paper, ready to paint. In reality, the primer has been applied with a shovel and needed a lot of prep. Plus there were a lot of scratches and dings in the panels, some of which I even managed to remove!

That said, they’re quite robust, well made, with the brackets in the correct place…. I think they’ll be fine.

As received. They look good to go and ready to paint but the finish needing some working up
I didn’t spend very much time prepping the inside of the panels
Land Rover did not paint the inside of panels as a rule. The overspray from painting the “outside” adds to the overall patina. BUT…. Its good practice setting up the spray gun
Top coat
Not forgetting the end panels
Next morning on the patio… Job done and off to the basement for safe keeping