The nice folks at Pegasus Parts have supplied an 86″ front near side brake pipe to match the rest of their kit. The part originally sent was designed to go on the front of the gear box cross member. I’m not sure how this came about as the probability of causing damage to the brake system is drastically heightened  if the brake pipe can be “driven” into obstacles.

Given that the Series 2a maintained a single line brake system, a single point of failure will result in no brakes…. hence the this particular brake pipe is “hidden” behind the gearbox cross member. (Dual line brakes came about with the Series 3… with separate lines to the front and rear wheel)

Until the refurbished bulkhead arrives back, this is as far as I can go with the brake system. All wheels have new, pads, cylinders, drums and brake lines. To call the job “complete” I checked all unions were tightened uniformly, pipe clips were all tight and there were no areas where the pipes could rub.

Pipe run from the braided hose down the top of the chassis leg. One could spend a life time getting the first bends looking good but at least it doesn’t rub anywhere.
… and under the gearbox
Nicely tucked away behind the cross member
… then onto the top of the opposite chassis rail and connected to the 5 way splitter.