The seat box is now prepped and painted with the 1st of two top coats. I made the mistake of prepping the old surface with a knot wheel on an angle grinder. Whilst very good at removing the bi-metalic corrosion, it leaves nasty grooves in the surface…. which need a lot of rubbing back to remove…. they’re almost rubbed out.

The new battery box  and end panel are primed and painted also… but feature less in the post. More to come on the battery box.

The challenge will come when the battery box and end panel need to be fitted back together. To do this, a number of dome head rivets need to be hammered into place and having tried a couple (using the correct snap punch) they are flaming nuisance. Whilst not an insurmountable problem, the risk of damaging the finish is quite high… so I will respray the whole thing once its all back together.

The simplest solution would be to use a blind rivet but these would look incongruously out of place.

Top of the seat box prepped and ready for undercoat
Ready to paint… its the underside so its good enough
But the underside comes up quite well
As does the top side
and now time for the light green
Looking good 🙂
New battery box from Bits 4 Landys. This is about as exact a copy as you can find.
Seat box and end panel prepped with RCP (the battery box has since been sprayed with some Buzzweld matt black chassis paint, more on that later)
Just at the end of spraying this piece, the gun spat out a big splodge of paint, so that’ll need to be rubbed down for the final coat once the battery box is fitted