I had hoped to crack on with the rear tub but other things got in the way and it was a bit late in the day to start anything serious when I got out to the garage.

I ordered a tank guard from Pangolin 4×4  in the US a few weeks ago, so decided to fit that instead…. 6 bolts and job done… turned out not to be the case.

It’s well manufactured piece of kit but not quite the right shape

3/16″ galvanised steel fuel tank guard
It locates directly under the fuel tank and acts a bash guard
Fuel tank removed
Fuel tank and tank guard. The fixing holes line up exactly…. but the tank is 1/4 full with fuel and with only two arms, quite hard to lift and bolt into position
So…. to assist with the heavy lifting, I thought I could use the trolly jack… but it doesn’t reach high enough. I need to stand the jack on something so it reaches the underside of the tank…. I know… a jerry can. These things do more than just carry fuel.
You can jack a car up on one of these… or help lift a fuel tank into place
The cut out for the hand brake relay is not where it should be. The cut out will have to be extended
Ready to cut
A few mins with a 1.5mm cutting disk and the design is improved immensely
Now it fits…. But it scuffed the paint on the relay
Maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t the drain plug of the tank and the aperture on the guard line up?