The rear tub has taken quite a hammering in its lifetime and a few major components need to be replaced… namely the floor, floor ribs, both rear quarter panels and the rear body angle mounting…. all of which are held in place by numerous rivets and spot welds that need to be drilled out. Not a nut or bolt in sight.

Then there’s the fitting it all back together again, straightening all the body parts, filling the big dents, cleaning all the Waxoyl off, preparing the surface and painting…. its going to take a while so lets going.

First parts to be removed are the two rear quarter panels
All of the little “dents” are the spot welds, these are whats holding it all together and need to be drilled out
This panel is definitely in need of replacement. Less drilling to be done on the left hand edge as most of the spot welds along the outside edge have blown anyway
With the whole thing flipped over and most of the drilling done, things start to loosen up. There is a galvanised capping that covers the corner edge so all the ugly drilling (and what will be new countersunk rivets) is hidden away.
Eventually the whole rear section including the angle mount comes away. By comparison, the replacement parts can be see above
With the rear section away, next to go is the floor
Approximately 50 welds and rivets were drilled out and the floor came away. It put up less of a fight than I thought
All that remains is to put it back together.
Out with the old and in with the new