A few months ago I ordered the new wiring loom from Auto Sparks in the UK… and this is it. They use decent British Standard PVC insulation and the whole lot is braided to replicate the original design. What’s more, they use the same cable colours as the wiring diagram so it’s easy to connect everything together…. apparently.

I had 2 extras added to the loom… wiring for internal 12v sockets and front spot lights.

When I arrived home this evening, the new Optima battery had been delivered. As no progress had been made on the rear tub the last couple of evenings, at least I could fit that. Not the most exciting topic in the world but at least LGL has now has a starter battery and it’s a task ticked off the list.

New wiring loom including engine bay wiring (top right) and battery cable set (bottom right) The left hand coil is for the bulkhead wiring and rear lights
Optima Red Top Battery (12V 50Ah) and an awesome starter battery
Battery frame, J bolts, wing nuts and washers
Battery sits in the battery tray….
…. with frame secured with the J bolts (now cut to a sensible length)