I spent some time this morning rubbing back the primer coat, feathering out a few runs and imperfections. I thinned the primer down too much, so not only did it run but I used all of it… so ideally, I could have laid down another coat but as I didn’t have any, it was on with the first of two top coats.

I’m using the larger of the spray guns I have for this due to the high surface area, it runs at 47psi and now I’ve mastered the settlings (sort of) it gives a very even finish.

Space in the garage is tight, so the wheel arch sides are quite a challenge to get at… and the tub isn’t the easiest thing to move for one person. Once this coat is rubbed back, I’ll enlist the design department to help me turn it 90 degrees in order to see what I’m doing.

Primer coat
Rear end panels painted…
… and then, all of a sudden, the rear tub is back to its original colour… very satisfying 🙂
From the other side… seating for 4 in there… eventually
Passenger side rear wing
Rear door cill… bolts to be added later
Passenger side, rear panel
Nice detail shot of the drivers side corner section.