Possibly the most exciting part of installing the tub is refitting the galvanised body capping. The original items have been used with the exception of the rear quarter brackets.

A quick wash in hot soapy water and good rub down with wet and dry and they were reasonably shiny (but not too much) and ready to fit.

Fortunately, I took a lot of reference pictures to identify which type of rivet goes where…. But not all rivets can go in the correct places….

The new rear panels are different to the originals in that they have a reinforcing box-section along up inside upper edge. The top capping should be held in place with dome head rivets but the new box section won’t allow  access to the stem of the rivet…. Pop rivets had to be used in this location but thats the only deviation to the original design.

Ready for the galvanised capping
Such was my excitement at popping rivets, I took fewer photos. Here we see the corner strengthener and top capping
I love these little details. Dome head rivets in naked aluminium against the finished Pastel Green. I prepped the end of the snap punch with 5 or 6 layers of fabric tape so as not to damage the paint around the rivet. Seems to have worked.
Next is the end section to the capping


Meanwhile on the other side of the vehicle… Everything riveted down good and tight, this includes the capping along the top of the 2nd bulkhead… By which time it was raining tremendously hard.
Now with the new corner capping in place.  It’s a bit blurred but the contrast between galvanising and Pastel Green looks great… in my opinion at least.
Taken form the shelter of the inside of the Defender. Next, I have to figure out how the wiring for the lights works…. Hmmm ?
Next is the fuel filler assembly… again, the original item with a quick cleanup with wet and dry. I’ve ordered a lock for the filler cap, so the four slot head fixings will be changed
Fuel filler assembly cap fits in here
I love my air riveter. It made easy work of these.
Whilst I was there…. I cleaned up and fixed the lock keeps and door braces. There should be some shims fitted behind the keep but until I fit the new doors and lock I won’t know how many I need. For the time being, the bolts are only finger tight.