After a fruitless couple of hours last weekend trying to run the new rear section of the wiring loom down the chassis leg I decided i needed a stiffer draw cable…. Fencing wire. That should do it…. and it did, indeed, do it 🙂

The chassis leg has a bend in it, so as you push the loom (which is quite flexible) down the inside of the chassis, it gets to the bend and stops… continuing to feed the cable in just results in it coiling up just inside the chassis. Using a more rigid cable, with enough flexibility to be pushed through the bend did the trick and once it was installed in the chassis I could use it as a “draw wire”.

2mm fencing wire. Loop made in one end and ready to be fed down the inside of the chassis
The draw wire needs to come out of the this hole just behind the 5 way block. A second piece of strategically bent wire is used to go fishing for the loop on the end of first piece.
… and the draw wire is hooked and pulled though.
The tail end of the draw wire is taped to the leading end of the wiring loom and pulled down the chassis leg.
Wiring loom installed where it should be… in about 5 mins
Loom at the rear showing the split between left and right