The “Station Wagon” model of the Land Rover Series 2a 88″ had a “Safari” roof. Key features of which were the roof windows in the side of the roof panel (so one can view giraffe), a sun sheet (to keep the sun off the main roof panel) and 4 funky little roof vents.

These act as miniature sun roofs. They don’t actually let any additional light into the vehicle but when open they  facilitate air movement through the vehicle…. similar to a conventional sun roof.

Fitting is fairly straightforward. 12nr flat head screws per unit. “Deeper” ones at the front. Perhaps most importantly…. the roof vents should open towards the rearward of the vehicle. This way, air is draw out of the cab. The other way around would force, sand, dirt, emissions, wasps, etc into the cab… less desirable.

Roof vents and new sealant gaskets. The two upper ones are fitted foremost. 
Remind me of clams
Roof ready to have some holes filled in
Front vent and new gasket
The 2 forward vents fitted
All vents fitted. 

Next job for the roof will be to repair, spray and fit the solar sheet.