Between the front wings sits the valance. It closes off the gap between the chassis rails in front of the radiator panel. If a winch were to be fitted the valance would be removed.

Not much to do on this piece just a bit of a tidy up and respray.

A good degrease, rub back and some filler over these dents should make things look a bit better
Close up of work area. The “ripped” fixing hole on the left, won’t be seen once fixed in place.
Rubbed back by hand leaving a nice keyed surface
The underside was covered in Waxoyl and took a lot of shifting. The underside wouldn’t have been painted originally but it didn’t seem right to leave all that crud underneath. (Original overspray can be seen at the top and down the right hand side)
Filler applied. Time for a cup of tea. This’ll be dry and ready for rubbing back in 30 mins.
Rubbed back and ready for primer
Front valance offered up