It was a bit of a spraying frenzy yesterday. Catching up on life, shopping, rake the leaves up, cut the grass (robo-mower on strike again), cut up and recycle a load of old timber, get out for a ride…. and (between rain showers) lay down the first coat of primer on the front wings.

I’d rubbed back all of the filler from the outer wing panels and the finish could be better but I’d thought I’d spray them and see if they somehow magically improve…. They didn’t.

So… options… continue filling and rubbing (least favoured), replace the outer skins (better idea), live with the fact the finish isn’t showroom perfect but a lot better than it was. Snagging Department seems to be leaning in this direction too.

Ready to go
Some floor protection down, paint gun primed and it’s time to paint. Very therapeutic.
I also primed the new front doors from Ashtree and the front valance
Job done. Once the weather improves, I’ll have them out in the cold light of day and see if it’s worth continuing with the top coat. No rush for this as I realised I have hardly any Pastel Green paint left and it will take 2 weeks to have more delivered.