I degreased and chiselled all the emulsified grease from the door locks today. Fun times. Didn’t take any pictures of this as it’s not that interesting and messy.

On a more interesting note, I did Dynamat the inside of the doors. It makes such a difference to quality of life driving the vehicle… and remarkably satisfying aesthetically (in my opinion). It will of course all be out of site at the end of the project once the door trims are fitted.

With the cup of paint I had left, I managed to paint the outside skins of the doors the valance panel and sprayed over a couple of chips on the inside of the “dashboard”… and still had a thimble full left over 🙂

OK, so I did take one door lock pic before things got messy. This is the passenger door lock. You can tell this by the silver locking knob. The passenger door doesn’t have a key lock and can only be locked from the inside. I’ve replaced the 2 chewed up cross head screws on the locking knob plate with some new ones.


Passenger door ready for some sound proofing


Hey presto 🙂


Both doors fully Dynamatted



With the small about of paint I had left over, I managed to spray a good even coat on both doors and the front valance

Next step is to bolt on the door hinges, install the locks to the doors and fit the Land Rover to them 😉