One of the items on the snagging list was to tidy up the interior light. I had toyed with the idea of fitting an LED light bar but the original interior light is still saveable and more than usage.


Original unit


Comes apart with the removal of the small grub screw securing the lens to the based plate


I had planned to spray the frame matt black but 20 minutes with some wire wool bought the chrome back nicely. There’s a little pitting on the surface but it’s not a Harley… and remember… “Chrome wont’ get you home”


The incandescent bulb is replaced with an LED item. Not to everyones taste in an old Land Rover but I figured if you have to switch on the interior light, you’re looking for something, so why not have sufficient light?


The lens has a good coating of paint from all the spraying. At some point it had been turned over so the inside also had a little paint. I daubed some paint stripper on it for an hour or two and it came off easily.


A few minutes cleaning up the head of the little grub screw on some wet and dry and everything is back together and looking a little shinier. Job done.