The steering box sat on the bench for a further couple of days to ensure there were no oil leaks… there weren’t.

With the confirmation that the steering box is oil tight, the next thing to do was to repaint the steering column in gloss back to match the interior.

More paint stripper and a thorough rubbling back with wet and dry and things looked good to paint. I also lightly ran a file over the suffice to take to tops a few small dings.
The parts I didn’t want painted were masked off, as were the tools on the wall
A few coats of smooth spray hammerite, and the evening was done

Next day….

Shiny steering column. Job done

Next task is to remove the old steering box from the Land Rover. This involves the removal of lots of nuts and bolts… some specialist tools and (as I found out) a lot of cursing…

Watch this space 🙂