I’m not a great proponent of advertising (additional) security features on my Land Rovers. Most owners aren’t… for obvious reasons but I’ve been looking for one of these for a while.

It’s be no means covert and in an obvious location on the bodywork so I’m happy to share. It’s also Genuine Optional Equipment. All the doors have locks on them, why not the big lid at the front? I can image circumstance when I don’t want the engine bay accessible to all.

The Bonnet Locking Device (Land Rovers name for it) consists of two elements. The hasp and the turn buckle. Collectively, they make up Optional Equipment part number 332969 but you’re most likely to have to search for the individual parts. Hasp: 332614. Turn buckle: 334525.

Thanks once again to Land Rover Treasure Shop on Cyprus
Hasp, buckle and associated hardware
First thing to do is locate the best place for the hasp. Somewhere in between the grill and the headlamp should work. The bonnet frame will sit neatly on top of the upper plate.
With the optimal location found, the edges of the hasp are roughly marked on the edge of the bonnet lip. (blue ink)
These two witness marks are used to position the hasp in the open position and mark out where to drill the holes for the rivets.
Holes centre punched
Once the 5mm holes are drilled, the hasp can be riveted on. Today I’m using the manual pop rivet gun. It was too peaceful to fire up the air tools.
Hasp fitted.
Turn buckle is offered up in order to mark out the 3 holes
The 3 x 5mm holes were centre punched and drilled. The lower hole is below the level of the slam plate so the radiator grill will have to be removed to get that fixing in.
But first of all, the countersink holes need to be enlarged to fit a metric countersunk machine screw head. Getting imperial fixings here is nearly impossible and it’s just not worth the expense to order for overseas for 3 items. I’m using stainless steel M5 slot head machine screws with stainless steel nyloc nuts.
Buckle is mounted in the machine vice and the holes is countersunk a little larger
Now the head of the machine screw sits flush with the face of the buckle. A much neater arrangement in my opinion. Repeat with the other two holes.
Buckle is fitted…
… and radiator grill is refitted.
Hasp and buckle secured together.

To open the hasp, the turnbuckle needs to be rotated 180 degrees and the hasp can pass over it. With a padlock fitted to the turnbuckle, the hasp is captured… All I need now is a suitable padlock…