There’s a new kid on the block making some excellent quality Series Land Rover parts… “Design & Development Engineering Ltd”

If you have a Series 1 or Stage 1 V8, then there’s a whole load of material for you on their site and in their eBay shop.

I was missing, had lost, were cracked and broken; the end caps fitted to the nuts on the windscreen hinges and windscreen clamps. These don’t feature in the parts manual (oddly) so I can’t quote a part number but here’s the link to the item in their eBay shop. (It’s correct at time of writing this)

They are well packaged, well made (3d printed) fit exceptionally well and sold at a fair price for a quality part.

Windscreen hinge nut missing its end cap
The replacement has a very positive push fit… Super slick !
The original windscreen clamp end cap had seen better days
Thats better 🙂

There’s obviously a second pair of these but you get the idea…