I admit it…. this isn’t the most exciting post I’ve ever made but I couldn’t leave the newly fitted door lock without its grommet. It just looked tatty and as the finished product is specified with a rubber grommet around the rear door key hole, lets fit one.

I ordered two different types from eBay (few pence each) … stick on and push in. I preferred the idea of the push in but was open to other suggestions.


Two grommets…. who gets the job?


Left is the stick on and right is the push in. There’s a couple of little cleats to hold it into the aperture of the door.


Underside… the stick on actual has a 3M adhesive pad so it should be fine to being stick on a rocket and fired into space. The push in, seems to be quite large in diameter.


Yep, its huge. The OD (outside diameter) is nearly 25mm. The lock aperture in the rear door is 20mm. For this to fit, I would have to increase the diameter by nearly 5mm. As I don’t have a step drill that size, I’d have to use a rats tail file and that would a) take a very long time and b) look awful.


The ID (internal diameter) of the stick on grommet was a little over 19mm. This will fit around the newly drilled 20mm aperture perfectly.


“Stick on” gets the job. “Push in” goes in the spare parts collection. I had to file about 1mm off the right hand edge as it overhangs the handle aperture a little.