One of the things replaced during the refurbishment of the seat box was the battery tray under the drivers seat.  Made of steel its prime to rust and after 50 years was rotted through and not up to much.

A new battery tray from Bits4Landys was installed along with a new end panel last spring, painted in matt black chassis paint and the interior lined with Dynamat. As I mentioned earlier in the week, it’s not the most aesthetic of material (even for a box under a seat) so I lined the battery tray with some black carpet to tidy things up a bit.

Having a dedicated space for a 2nd battery is a great idea especially if you need to run an electric winch, fridge or lots of lights. I don’t plan on having a 2nd battery so the space will be used for tools and other essentials…. and an ammo box fits neatly in the battery recess 🙂

Battery tray lives under the drivers seat
Starting out with lots of angles to be covered


Bits and pieces were marked up on the material and cut out using the steel edge and Stanley knife


All the panels cut out and trimmed to size. I deliberately cut the square hole 30mm undersize in both directions


Brushing on contact adhesive one piece at a time, the panels are glued in place


I managed to eliminate seeing the white edges of the carpet by leaving 15mm if overlap around the edge of the battery well and the sloping section.


Ammo box (contains tool) fits nicely in the battery well